What Obama means for business

Barack Obama is shaking his head. „No, no, no, no, no.” His slim figure had been bent forward in a folding chair (prime position to radiate outsized charm). But my question – does he consider corporate America a destructive force? – prompts him to bolt upright to a more defensive pose. It’s a purposely provocative query, but a fair one: When Obama talks about business, it’s usually to complain about corporate tax breaks or trade deals or jobs shipped overseas. High-paid CEOs are the familiar villains in his stump speeches, including the one he has just given on this Raleigh fairground. Free-market critics look at his varied plans to raise taxes and pronounce him hostile to wealth creation and market growth. And in a small but telling episode during the Indiana primary, his campaign used a 2007 Fortune cover story – „Business Loves Hillary” – to attack Clinton, as if „business” were a dirty word, not the nation’s economic engine.