It’s your patriotic duty to save!

Many owners of our country’s bonds are worried that the federal government is spending like inebriated sailors on shore leave to try and get the nation out of this economic mess.

Home prices drop, but at a slower rate

Home prices continued to tumble in April, falling 18.1% from a year earlier — but the month-over-month change in a closely watched real estate gauge narrowed sharply, indicating that housing markets may be starting to turn.

Talent agencies take on new roles

Traditionally the mission of talent agencies has been to find jobs for actors, directors, and writers. In exchange, the agencies take 10% of their clients’ fees — the trade paper Variety even refers to these firms with the sobriquet „tenpercenteries.” But agency upheavals like the recent merger of the venerable …

Nieruchomość w finansach firmy #8211; identyfikacja i ocena stanu (Artykuł)

Przed przystąpieniem do wykorzystywania nieruchomości jako aktywnego środka finansowego, trzeba ją dokładnie zidentyfikować, opisać i ocenić jej stan. Wbrew pozorom może to stanowić kłopot (choćby niedokładne wymierzenie działki lub nie do końca przejrzyste prawa własności terenu pod budynkiem), dlatego trzeba dmuchać na zimne. Nie ma nic gorszego niż trzymanie w …

Paulson to tell his side of Merrill deal

Former Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson will return to Capitol Hill later this month to testify before lawmakers investigating the government’s role in last fall’s Bank of America acquisition of troubled Merrill Lynch.

Bernard Madoff victims: No satisfaction

A burst of applause erupted in the ornate 9th floor ceremonial courtroom of Manhattan’s U.S. District Court as Judge Denny Chin proclaimed, „Bernard L. Madoff shall be and hereby is sentenced to a term of imprisonment of 150 years.”

Madoff sentenced to 150 years

A federal judge sentenced Bernard Madoff, the convicted mastermind of the largest and most sweeping Ponzi scheme ever, to the maximum sentence of 150 years in federal court Monday.

Victims lash out at Madoff

Victims urged a judge to hand down the maximum life sentence against Bernard Madoff, the mastermind of the largest and most sweeping Ponzi scheme ever, in federal court Monday.

House OKs sweeping climate bill

The House approved a sweeping energy and climate bill Friday which could for the first time usher in widespread government restrictions on greenhouse gases and help renewable energy become cost competitive with fossil fuels.